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If you’re an ambitious busy engineer who purchases, installs and maintains Industrial Electric Motors then claim your free copy of this DVD today, by Quantum Controls the UK’s leading supplier of ABB Motors since 1994.

This is a DVD about getting the most from your Low Voltage Motors – but ultimately its about the FREEDOM that comes with it!

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The Quick and Easy Guide to Low Voltage Electric Motors is the essential guide for engineers of all disciplines and levels who use industrial electric motors.
The internet has revolutionised information provision, yet many engineers struggle because their working day often does not allow them time to find the relevant thing that could be of value to them. Imagine having one place of reference for motor users. Well now you do, in this bestselling DVD from one of Europe’s leading authorities of ABB Motors.

The electric motor guide DVD presents 9 short videos:

  1. Basic DOL Cable Connection
  2. Motor Cable Connection for Softstart
  3. VSD Control Cable Connection
  4. Star Delta Cable Connection
  5. Motor Mounting
  6. Motor Bearing Constructions
  7. How to save energy with electric motors
  8. Basic Motor Theory Presentation
  9. Low Voltage Motors Efficiency Classification and Legislation
And much more....

This is a DVD about getting the most from your Low Voltage Motors – but ultimately its about FREEDOM that comes when you are able to save time by assessing all the information one user friendly DVD, save you trawling the net of flicking through large user manuals. Claim your free copy by entering your name, business name and address – we’ll send you your copy immediately.

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